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Free web design video tutorials

Welcome to our free web design video tutorial library. Here you will find a range of free web design video tutorials targeted towards all levels of users. Our free web design video tutorials range from basic tools through to techniques and effects.

Learn how easy Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash & Illustrator are to use with our free video tutorials. We take you through step by step from first opening the programs to complete web page layouts, tips, tricks and techniques so you become productive faster.

Whether you are wanting to learn as a hobby or training to become a web designer, our free web design video tutorials will help you learn those vital steps.

Free Dreamweaver Video Tutorials

Free Dreamweaver Video Tutorials» Define Your Site

  • Setting up a new site
  • Setting up remote info
  • Setting up the testing server
  • Setting up the FTP upload accounts

Free Dreamweaver Video Tutorials» Making New Pages

  • Make a new HTML page
  • Setup guides and rulers
  • Navigate through the page elements

Free Dreamweaver Video Tutorials» Files Menu

  • Locate and open the files palette
  • Working in local view
  • Working with assets
  • Working with snippets

Free Dreamweaver Video Tutorials» Preview in Browser

  • Define which to browser to use
  • Setting multiple browsers
  • Preview your page in a browser

Free Dreamweaver Video Tutorials» Tracing Images

  • Locate and open the tracing image button
  • Set your tracing image
  • Use the tracing image as a reference for layout

Free Dreamweaver Video Tutorials» List Menus

  • Locate and open the list menu item
  • Insert list menu into page
  • Styling list menu with CSS

Free Dreamweaver Video Tutorials» Jump Menus

  • Locate and open the jump menu item
  • Insert jump menu into page
  • Styling jump menu with CSS

Free Dreamweaver Video Tutorials» Adding Flash Content

  • Add flash and style with Css

Free Dreamweaver Video Tutorials» Simple Contact Form

  • Adding form elements
  • Adding text boxes
  • Styling buttons with CSS

Free Dreamweaver Video Tutorials» Flash Buttons

  • Adding flash buttons
  • Setting links in buttons

Free Dreamweaver Video Tutorials» Adding Images

  • Located and open the add image button
  • Add an image from a location on your computer
  • Defining ALT tags

Free Dreamweaver Video Tutorials» Working with Tables

  • Located and open the tables button
  • Working with tables
  • Splitting and adding cells
  • Styling with CSS

Free Dreamweaver Video Tutorials» Working with Layers

  • Located and open the layers button
  • Working with layers
  • Adding multiple layers
  • Tables and layers

Free Dreamweaver Video Tutorials» Layer Visibility

  • Located and open the show hide layers button
  • Adding a show hide behaviour
  • Working with Z-index
  • Clipping layers

Free Dreamweaver Video Tutorials» Animating Layers

  • Adding layers to timeline
  • Animating along timelines
  • Animating layers

Free Dreamweaver Video Tutorials» Adding Rollovers

  • Locate and open the rollover menu
  • Adding a rollover
  • Adding a fireworks rollover

Free Dreamweaver Video Tutorials» Image Navigation Menu

  • Adding an image based navigation system

Free Dreamweaver Video Tutorials» Ads by Layers

  • Create a content overlay ad
  • Use behaviours to show hide layers

Free Dreamweaver Video Tutorials» Working with CSS

  • Build a layout with css

Free Dreamweaver Video Tutorials» Dreamweaver Templates

  • Create a new template page
  • Assign template elements
  • Saving templates

Free Dreamweaver Video Tutorials» Editing Templates

  • Edit a premade template
  • Save and update all template pages

Free Dreamweaver Video Tutorials» Using Snippets

  • Using the snippet menu to save code
  • Insert code from snippet into a page

Free Dreamweaver Video Tutorials» Rollover Status Bar Message

  • Using behaviours
  • Add a rollover and rollout behaviour on a flash object
  • Set stauts bar message for each behaviour

Free Dreamweaver Video Tutorials» Validate Forms

  • Using behaviours
  • Add a validate form behaviour

Free Dreamweaver Video Tutorials» Check for Plugins

  • Using behaviours
  • Check for media plugins
  • Redirect user on success or failure
  • Display correct page

Free Dreamweaver Video Tutorials» Pop Up Windows

  • Make a pop up window that displays on page load

Free Dreamweaver Video Tutorials» Control Flash Movies

  • Using behaviours to control flash content

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